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I believe that art is self-expression. Painting pictures, taking photographs, making films. There do not have to be steadfast rules in any of those forms of art. What is important is releasing what is flowing inside the artist and turning that into a vision. It does not matter whether it is good or bad, but it is crucial that the artist expresses what they see and feel. With practice and repetition, the road will eventually open up for the artist.


2013 Photo Exhibition『 RHS Photo Exhibition #1 ~僕らの美形(みかた)~ 』

2014 Photo Exhibition『 Faces & Places on my Journey 』

2015 Short Film Screening『 ¿REALITY? 』

2015 Short Film Screening『 Fantasme 』

2016 Short Film Screening『 Fantasme 』at TOKUSHIMA INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2016

2017 Short Film Screening『 オレたち!オーバーオール!! (OUR HEARTS! OUR HOMETOWN!!) 』

2018 Short Film Screening『 オレたち!オーバーオール!! (OUR HEARTS! OUR HOMETOWN!!) 』at TOKUSHIMA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2018

2018 Event holding 『 Japan-Taiwan interaction “Tour of Japanese traditional house” in Tokushima 』

2019 Short Film 『 ぞめきのくに (Her Beat) 』 Assistant Director

2020 Short Drama  『鼓動の夏 (Heartbeat) 』 Director

2023 Short Film Screening『 あの頃、あの場所で (YURI & HAYATO) 』at TOKUSHIMA NEW NORMAL FILM FESTIVAL 2023

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