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茅葺き古民家宿泊体験|Stay in Japanese traditional house

ー 日台交流 古民家ツアー in 徳島|Japan-Taiwan interaction “Tour of Japanese traditional house” in Tokushima ー

2017年の『農業インターン in とくしま』に参加した学生の一言から始まった今回のイベント。上勝町八重地の茅葺き古民家で、日本と台湾の学生交流イベントをしたい!その想いに共感した学生が中心となり、2018年の企画『日台交流 古民家ツアー in 徳島』がスタート。8月、台湾の国立政治大学、台北医学大学、東呉大学の学生を徳島に招き、クラフトビール工場見学など、昨年の3つの体験(稲刈り体験、茅葺き古民家宿泊体験、阿波踊り体験)から更にパワーアップした内容でお届けします。徳島の風景・文化を台湾に!

Everything started from one word of a student who participated in “TOKUSHIMA AGRICULTURE INTERNSHIP 2017”. “It must be a wonderful experience if Japanese and Taiwanese students could interact and feel the culture of Japan through Japanese traditional house in Yaeji, Kamikatsu town! “ This event was organized mainly by the students who share a mutual goal. We invited Taiwanese students to Tokushima, and have added more activities to the last year’s content(rice harvesting, staying in Japanese traditional house, and Awa dance) such as craft beer factory tour, etc. We are always aiming for more, please look forward to it! Spreading beauty and culture to Taiwan, to the world!

ー 運営者|CREW ー

3月 日台交流イベント〜五感で再発見する徳島の魅力〜|March Japan-Taiwan interaction event ~Rediscovering with five sense, the attraction of Tokushima~ ー

3月、台湾で『日台交流 古民家ツアー in 徳島』の集客イベントを開催しました。3月23日の国立政治大学でのイベントには、夜にも関わらず、50名以上の学生が来てくれました。また、3月25日の台北市内でのイベントには、徳島に来たことのある台湾人、台湾で働く徳島出身の方など、多くの徳島ファンが集まりました。短篇映画「オレたち!オーバーオール!!」の上映や、上勝町八重地にある築150年の茅葺き古民家の紹介動画を観て頂きました。また、全員で「ヤットサー、ヤットサー」の掛け声に合わせ阿波踊りを踊ったり、鳴門金時のお菓子やすだち飴を試食。嬉しい感想を頂きました。


「皆さん とても情熱的でエネルギーに溢れていました!映画もとても素晴らしかったです。」


This march, we organized customer attracting event for the tour in Taiwan. In March 23rd @National Chenchi University, more than 50 students came despite the fact it was held at night. Also, in March 25th @Taipei city, many Tokushima fans came to the event such as Taiwanese who has been to Tokushima and Japanese from Tokushima. We broadcasted the short film “OUR HEARTS! OUR HOMETOWN!!”, and introduction video of a traditional thatched house located in Yaeji, Kamikatsu Town. Later, we danced Awa dance with the call of “Yattosa, Yattosa”, and ate snacks using naruto-kintoki and Sudachi with were made in the local Tokushima. We are all very glad that our guests all enjoyed it.

Comments from the guests

“Staffs were so powerful and charming! I was impressed by their effort of promoting their own hometown!”

“Organizers were all passionate and energetic! I really enjoyed the short film! ”

“The short film was really great and I enjoyed the Awa dance. Organizers were super beautiful and super handsome!”

6 参加者・運営者 出国前 初顔合わせ |June Participants and organizing member 1st MTG ー

6月、台湾のカフェで『日台交流 古民家ツアー in 徳島』の出国前 初顔合わせをしました。 最初は皆 少しシャイになってしまって会話が続かない部分もありましたが、最後にはツアー内容を一緒にブラッシュアップするだけでなく恋愛の話にまで盛り上がり、彼らと過ごす古民家ライフがますます楽しみになってきました。 勿論、ツアーを迎えるにあたって日本文化と台湾文化との差で改善点は多く見つかりましたが、今回参加することを決めてくれた皆さんに満足してもらえるよう日程、環境づくりを一所懸命考えていきたいと思います。

We had a very first meeting for the Japan-Taiwan interaction “Tour of Japanese traditional house” in Tokushima. Although we were all strangers to each other and had a hard time keeping the conversations, however, we got along as we get to know each other. By the time meeting ended, we did not just brush up tour activities but also talked about love interests. We are looking forward to spending more time with them! Of course, we found some room for improvements considering Japanese culture and Taiwanese culture, so we will do our best to have them spend a great time in Tokushima!

8月 日台交流 古民家ツアー in 徳島|August Japan-Taiwan interaction “Tour of Japanese traditional house” in Tokushima ー



8月11日:稲刈り体験(※)、クラフトビール工場見学 at KAMIKATZ STONEWALL HILL CRAFT & SCIENCE

8月12日:阿波踊り体験 with 関東学生合同連



Activity schedule

August 10th: Experiencing traditional thatched house

August 11th: *Harvesting, Craft beer factory tour at KAMIKATZ STONEWALL HILL CRAFT & SCIENCE

August 12th: Awa dance experience with Kanto Student Union of Awa dance

August 13th: Sightseeing in Tokushima

*There may be some changes to the schedule depending on weather and condition of rice plants.

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